Abbreviated version

A telephone questionnaire provided an insight into what those working with Tactual Profile saw as the benefits and drawbacks of the instrument. Main benefit: it enables the development of touch in children with a severe visual disorder to be charted accurately. Main drawback: it is rather inconvenient to use. The preparation required to administer the components of the instrument is quite time-consuming because not all the material is available as standard.

Need for an abbreviated version

There was a need for an abbreviated standard set with protocols. This need also emerged from the validation study conducted by Dr R. Schellingerhout in 2001. At the time, there was still insufficient data available to decide which parts would be suitable for an abbreviated version. The follow-up research into the psychometric requirements has been completed and this made more data available. A so-called ‘Delphi round’ was used to select components for the abbreviated version. A protocol was written for each component, which sets out clearly how the component should be administered, what materials are required for it and how it should be scored. A subsidy to help with the development of the abbreviated version was requested from the InSight Foundation (Stichting InZicht).


The materials from the full version are required when using the abbreviated version. Unfortunately, the abbreviated version is not yet available in English.