Feel Free

The scores from the Tactual Profile observation instrument give an insight into a child’s tactual potential and limitations, but Tactual Profile does not itself provide suggestions for intervention. How do I find my jacket when the coat rack is full? How do I recognize my own cup? How do I read a graph? How do I look up London in the map? Suggestions are to be found in Feel Free, an activity book of ideas for practice and lessons that goes with Tactual Profile. Working in a targeted way with suggestions that match the age and tactual potential and limitations of the child stimulates and trains tactual skills and knowledge. To help to activate practical follow-up tot the diagnosis by Tactual Profile.


Feel Free is an activity book, containing 250 materials, exercises and lesson suggestions to stimulate and train tactual functioning of children with a severe visual impairment from birth to sixteen years old. Feel Free follows the same age classification and categories of tactual functioning as Tactual Profile. The activities are presented in a set format: main category, subcategory, age level, activities and lesson suggestions, possible difficulty grading, points for observation and attention and alternative materials.

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Development and justification

The practice and lesson suggestions were written by staff who work with severely visually impaired and blind children every day. The content of Feel Free is based on their experiences in learning situations, rehabilitation and training programs. All the editors are familiar with Tactual Profile, which helps to ensure consistency. The development of Feel Free was assisted by a subsidy from the InSight Foundation (Stichting InZicht).

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